#80 Parker Pegasus. Large outside row Jumper. Last on the Long Beach Pike. This is one of the largest Parkers I have seen. It is 91 inches long. Fully restored. It has a bow and arrow on the front shoulder, a wing on the side, followed by a feather. An indian with a full bonnet of feathers is on the rear blanket. There are jewels on the head trapping, the front trapping and the rear blanket. To finish it off it has a dog carved on the saddle cantle. This figure is very well proportioned and has majestic movement. There are 3 peek-a-boos in the elaborate flowing mane. This figure has just been offered for sale. It is one of the ultimate Parker pieces . A true museum piece. Request Price. 417 624-7281 All serious offers considered. Here is a link to the history of the figure.

#65 Carmel SORRY SOLDRestored Jumper. Beautiful tucked head with tassels, feathers, lattice carved blanket, nice mane and mutiple layered trappings. Feathers run all around chest. Hair tail. This is an exceptional horse that will continue to increase in value. 48 " Long 45"High. $22,500

Painted Ponies, Mann et. al. SIGNED BY BILL MANNS! New The Carousel Store sells this book for $39.95. We will sell it for $27.60 with $5.00 shipping in the continental US. Buy both of these books and shipping is free in continental USA See more about this book at this link. MORE

ART OF THE CAROUSEL by Charlette Dinger. New. (this is our well worn copy) Amazon has no new ones for sale. The Carousel Store has new ones for $39.95. We will sell these for $37.95, shipping will be $5.00 in the continental US. Buy both books and shipping is free in Continental USA. See more about book at this link. MORE

#73 Looffsorry sold Jumper with full body parrott below saddle Borelli jewels on saddle blanket. Ornate tassels and ornamentation on straps of saddle and bridle. Cam from the Seattle Worlds Fair machine. Now restored. Restored price. 50/55H $19,500

#74 Parker Baby Jumper. This horse came from the 1917 “Grand Jubilee Carousel” that sold in New York City on November, 1 1986. It was the carousel that was featured in the Disney film “Something wicked this way come.”There were only a few of these horses on any carousel, making this a rare figure that is easily used in home decoration. This horse has a pleasant face and flowing appearance. A complete description of the sale and the carousel, the sale and this figure can be found at. 45" Long 25" High $4,500

#79 Bayol SORRY SOLDGoat from a Kiddie Machine. This is a French piece. It has been fully restored. Very rare as it has both a brass handle and brass horns. The fur is carved in detail. . This cute billy is an eye catcher. 23' High 30 Long $4,900

PARKER ARMORED Outside row jumper from a two row portable carousel. It has three curls of armor. This picture shows it before it was stripped and the basic wood repair was done. You can see a picture of it as it is now with the basic wood work done by clicking HERE. $11,950.


All figures pictured here are guaranteed to be genuine antique figures. No reproductions or recently carved figures. We have antique brass covered poles from the original carousel. We also sell complete stands and new twisted brass poles.

Click Here for Video tapes of Antique Carousels

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#78 Dentzel Stander, roach mane with unusual pose. This large outside row horse from a stationery machine has an elaborately carved blanket. The horse as pictured is now fully restored. Hair tail. 55" Long 54" High Fully Restord price. PRICE REDUCED $15,500 OBO

Merry Go Art is a member of the National and the American Carousel Associations. References are available upon request.


ANTIQUE POLE: This picture shows the finial portion of the Antique Pole. The hook on the top of the pole serves as a unique finial that is an interesting comversation peice as well as an attractive finial. The antique poles consist of an iron center pipe with the original brass sleeve. The hook shaped finial is mounted on the top. It is dated. The poles also have an original step that goes through the pole and holds the horse in place. The poles unrestored sell for $150. Restored-Meaning Threaded on the bottom for mounting on a stand, Cleaned, and the step mounted 2 feet from the threads. $250. Plus Postage

CUSTOM MADE STANDS: The stand shown is the size suitable for a small figure such as a Baby Parker or other Kiddie figure. The full size stands are made, however, in the same way. They are solid oak, stained to your specifications or left natural. Complete stand sets include the base, the finial shown, and a twisted brass sleeve over an iron pole with the hole drilled for the retaining pin at the height you desire. Complete stand. $600 We also sell twisted brass poles seperately for $60a foot up to 8 ft. Plus Postage $15 per pole continental US.

STIRRUP HOLDERS: These antique stirrup holders are shown to the left. The left side of the pair is the top and the right is turned over or laid on the side to show the detail. They are $15 dollars a pair plus $5 shipping and handling. If you want all three types there is only one shipping charge.

Other supplies:

Finials Ball type for 2 inch pipe = $60.00